Salespack Features and Roadmap

We’re growing a feature packed WooCommerce plugin. A plugin that helps you make more ecommerce sales. As a small bootstrapped business, we’ve got big plans but realise that our journey will require hard work and patience to eventually blossom.

So, we’re building our plugin in seasons. Paying attention to all the finer details and making sure each season is nurtured with dedication and care.

Season 1: The Seed

Q4 2023

Our seed was planted in September 2023 and we’re expecting green shoots in Q4 2023.

Salespack Seed


Version 1 of our plugin will be solely focused on upsells. Why? Because upsells are one of the most powerful tools for growing your ecommerce sales.

Season 2: Sprouts

Q1 2024

In our second season, we’re going to be levelling up our plugin features and be focused on adding additional functionality to grow your sales.